Kitchen Floor

Kitchen Ceiling

Game Room

The Story:

Kari and Todd experienced an accidental flooding disaster in the kitchen. Kari put some frozen hamburger under running water to defrost it in the prep sink, then left to run some errands. The sink drain was blocked by the meat and caused it to overflow for hours. Water flooded the kitchen, damaging the cabinets and flooring, then leaked through the basement ceiling where it ruined the drywall, sectional couch, pool table and carpet below. We all live busy lives and can definitely relate to the struggles of multitasking. Our team was ready to help make things right for this family

Flood Prevention Tips

The Rebuild:

The flooding caused extensive water damage, so we needed to get to work repairing the first floor and basement. The kitchen would require a total renovation, as well as the main floor dining and living spaces. The basement ceiling and furniture also had to be replaced. Since the homeowners love to entertain, we saw this as an opportunity to upgrade all their spaces to maximize for hosting fun get-togethers.

Savvy Solutions:

Reimagining the kitchen island

We modified the kitchen island by changing it from two levels to one level. This creates a smooth flow through the kitchen, and forms a central space to cook and hang out.

Kitchen After

Creating a cozy banquet

The homeowners wanted a more functional seating area in the kitchen. We designed a banquet in a bay window nook for a better use of space. We love how the windows bring in so much natural light and offer plenty of seating.

Breakfast Nook

Opening up the kitchen

Since the homeowners love to entertain, we decided to open up the space. We removed the kitchen peninsula for better flow between kitchen and family room. Now there’s lots of room for family and friends to keep the party going throughout the house.

Kitchen Counter

Fresh Takes on Design

Adding unique textures

We incorporated interesting textures into the design of the home, including some wallpaper on an accent wall in the basement. We chose grasscloth to add an organic and sophisticated feel to the room.

Accent Wall in the Basement Kirsten

Brightening things up

Since basements can often lack enough natural light, it’s so important to get creative with design to brighten the space. We lightened the wall paint in the basement to help give it an overall brighter feel.


Repurposing special elements

Throughout the renovation, we found ways to reuse items that had a special meaning to the homeowners. We incorporated the brass kitchen backsplash pieces that we removed and incorporated them into the NEW kitchen dinette table legs for an extra personal touch, thanks to Country Tables.

Kitchen Dinette Table Under Kitchen Dinette Table

We also repurposed the metal art piece from the old hood vent by cleaning it and hanging it up under the new hood vent on the backsplash.

Kitchen Backsplash

Elevating the pool table

The pool table was a very important heirloom that we needed to take extra care to restore. It was completely stripped, refinished and re-felted to look brand new.

Pool Table

Todd and Kari had no connection to the old pool cue holder, so we wanted to do something special for them. Kari also loves to play ping pong, so we created a custom holder for both pool cues and ping pong paddles.

Pool Table Cabinet


Fallen Tree


Living Room

The Story:

Late one night, homeowner Debra had a neighbor’s large tree branch fall on her house. It was a huge branch that immediately shook the entire home. Debra quickly left as she wasn’t sure the house was safe to be in. This was a smart decision because unknown to her at the time, the main ridge line of the roof and framing was broken by the branch’s impact.

Falling Tree Prevention Tips

The Rebuild:

When the branch fell on the house, it severely damaged the roof. This meant we had to remove the entire roof and rebuild it. Though it was an unfortunate accident, it gave us an opportunity to make positive adjustments to the house. We were able to create a more open space by raising the ceilings and removing the large beam that separated the main room from the sun room.

Savvy Solutions:

Making more space

By increasing the ceiling height in the sun room, we helped expand and brighten the space. The room felt way bigger even though we didn’t change the footprint or square footage. Now there’s more space between the existing windows and the ceiling, and more light can filter into the room.

Living Room Window

Designated living areas

We strategically used furniture and design elements to define specific spaces in the open room. From the warm and cozy formal seating area with the wallpaper and velvet couch, to an eating area in the sun room with pops of color in the chairs, we made this multi-purpose space still cohesive.

Living Room

Eating Area Accent Chair

Fresh Takes on Design

Restoring the floors

We refinished the existing hardwood that was original to the home. The natural finish gives the space a rustic but authentic look to keep the room light and bright.

Hardwood Floors

Pops of color and pattern

We added a few doses of pattern and color by playing with wallpaper and decor. A wallpaper accent wall gives a modern, eye catching element to the home. We layered in jewel tones and natural elements with plants, vases and candle holders.

Wallpaper Candles
Accent Decor

Personal touches that spark emotion

We love adding personalized art and decor to homes that connect with the homeowners. This custom wood art piece of Debra’s house, made by Hagen and Oats, adds a personal touch to the wall and instantly makes it feel more like home.

Wooden Art

Wrapping up

We had an amazing time working with these homeowners to restore their homes. Keep checking in for more tips and tricks for designing a safe and stylish home.

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