Let’s turn outdated, female home improvement taboo into What. Can’t. She. Do.

We’re holding space for you here. Together we can shatter the proverbial glass ceiling and put the power of home repair in your capable hands.

Kirsten & Lindsey

About Practical Home.

Our innovative savvy solutions offer strong visual impact and even greater protection against the biggest home safety concerns. We’re all about keeping you and your family safe with beautiful design that protects against the unexpected.

Taking a fresh and inviting approach to interior restoration, we deliver the ease and expertise to amplify the beauty and practicality of your space and demystify home maintenance. We invite you to be an active participant in your home wellness journey with actionable tips to prevent emergencies and deal with whatever your home throws at you.

Meet Kirsten & Lindsey.

Pioneers in modern, practical design solutions for the home with a strong background in restoration, remodeling, and emergency response.