Water Damage to Floor Water Damage to Wall and Ceiling

Water Damage on Ceiling

Water Damage on Wall

The Story:

Suzanne and Brian’s house suffered extensive water damage from a leak in the upstairs bathroom. The toilet supply line leaked for over a week while Suzanne and Brian were visiting family in Florida. When they came home, they found water had spread everywhere, damaging three levels of their home.

Leak Prevention Tips

The Rebuild:

While taking a look at the house, we assessed how much damage the leak had caused throughout each level of the house. The kitchen floors and cabinets as well as the upstairs bathroom vanity had to be removed because they were soaked through. The most heart-wrenching part was the damage in the nursery, which the homeowners had spruced up as a special place for their grandkids. We got started on all the repairs and updates so this house could return to being the warm, welcoming home it’s been for the family over the years.

Savvy Solutions:

Changing the layout

When we removed the wall between the kitchen and formal dining room, we decided to switch up the kitchen layout. We extended the island, moved the stove to the exterior wall, and added a beautiful hood vent in place of the microwave, which we hid in the island. All these changes made for a totally open floor plan that’s great for entertaining.

After of the Kitchen

Kitchen Island and Lights

Fixing the bathroom

In the bathroom, we installed a new vanity and countertop, with an accent strip for the backsplash. We also added a NEW SUPPLY LINE to the toilet and the new faucet!!!!

Fixing the Bathroom

New Supply Line

Customizing the nursery

Suzanne and Brian are both teachers, and books are a very important part of their grandchild's lives. We wanted a special place for them to display their books they read with their grandchildren. The Book Tree was hand painted by a local artist @katezappa to add character and an added personal touch to the space.

Customizing the Nursery

After of the Nursery

Nursery Wall Bookshelf

Fresh Takes on Design:

New backsplash

For the backsplash, we went with square gray tiles that varied slightly in color to keep with the classic style of their home. We added a tile accent above the stove for a small POP of beauty under the “new” hood vent!

New Backsplash

Backsplash Detail

Fresh floors

We extended the hardwood floors into the formal dining room so the rooms flow nicely together, making it feel like one open space. We matched the floor color to what Suzanne and Brian had because they loved their old floors so much.

Fresh Hardwood Floors

Fresh Floors

Neutral and light walls

Now that the space is all open, we stayed neutral and light with paint colors to go with their home’s traditional design style.

Neutral and Light Walls

Cohesive Lighting

We pulled all three spaces together with cohesive lighting fixtures. The matte black finish of the pendants over the island match the chandeliers above the table in the dining room and kitchen nook.

Cohesive Lighting Lighting Detail

Cohesive Lighting in the Kitchen and Dining Spaces


After of the Baseball Hail Damaged Home

Baseball Hail

Outside of Home

The Story:

Lindsey and Nate’s home was hit by hail during an intense storm that came with a tornado warning. The hail damaged the roof shingles, siding, paint, as well as the gutters and downspouts. Though the hail storm was such a stressful experience, we could see this was an opportunity to update and elevate the exterior of the home.

Tornado Safety Tips

Check out our Tornado Emergency Preparedness Plan now available in our shop.

The Rebuild:

When the tornado warning came, hail started pummeling the house, destroying the patio furniture, siding, roof and gutters. The powerful wind also blew off some shingles. The homeowners loved the lakeside location of this house, but there were always elements of the design they didn’t love. So this was the time to change what they didn’t like about their home while they had the chance!

Savvy Solutions:

Changing the roof line

The jerkinhead roof line was an eye sore but hard to change. Since we were now replacing the shingles, it was the right time to upgrade the look and feel with new peaks on each dormer.

Changing the roof line - Before Changing the roof line - After

Creating a functional patio area

We created a designated outdoor living space so they can utilize the front concrete patio in a way they never thought possible. We added furniture and accessories, as well as greenery and color, making this space fit the modern farmhouse look. Now the whole family can enjoy morning coffee or evening sunsets from this beautiful, newly designed patio.

Creating a functional patio area Patio Seating Area

Adding a separate kids hang-out area

The Hammock area was separate for the kids, so we need to separate them since they are separate spaces.

Adding a separate kids hang-out area

The Hammock area

Fresh Takes on Design:

Updating the color palette

The existing cream and brown colors were outdated, so we chose house colors that are very BOLD. We needed to bring the Modern Farmhouse feel that they have on the inside, to the outside. The white and charcoal exterior brings the house to another level. Now it catches your eye from down the street! We also changed the roof shingle color from brown to black, which was the icing on the top of this project!

Updating the color palette

Painting the brick

Hate your brick color? You can paint it! Just remember to properly prime and prep and use the correct paint products for the job.

Before of the brick After of the brick

A new light fixtures

We added a new light fixture over the entryway door to give a welcoming vibe. We also installed new light fixtures flanking the garage door to bring the look together.

New light fixtures

New light fixture details

Wrapping up

Accidents and disasters are always tough to deal with as homeowners, but being able to make the changes you’ve always wanted can be a silver lining. We had an amazing time helping these families restore and create their dream homes.

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