You know we’re all about functionality and practicality over here at Practical Home, but we can’t forget about the important aspect of design that ties it all together. While we’ve covered home maintenance and home prevention on our blog, today we’re diving into design, another big passion of ours!

As seen in Renovation 911, we put our own twist on the modern Scandinavian home. Scandinavian design typically incorporates clean lines and a modern vibe while embracing natural materials to add warmth and texture to the space. Usually minimalistic with more neutral tones, Scandinavian design is all about simplicity and serenity. Natural light and an open, airy atmosphere help to create a welcoming ambiance within this design style. Here’s how you can incorporate Scandinavian design aspects (with our modern twist) into your own home.

Kitchen Shelves

Throwing it back to our recent Renovation 911 episode on HGTV, after an unfortunate house fire, Chris and Sheri wanted to pay additional money to add onto the bedrooms above the garage. We added larger windows to the bedrooms to bring in more light and an amazing view of their lake in the backyard. We think natural light is super important within a Scandinavian design style to help create that airy atmosphere. If you’re unable to utilize natural light in your space, we recommend adding different light fixtures and lighter-colored decor items.

Moving into the kitchen, we decided to stick with neutral colors of black, white, and blue with a few additions of natural materials on the shelves and door frame. With sleek white countertops, dark cabinetry, a geometric backsplash and a modern, standout light fixture, the kitchen epitomized our modern Scandinavian look.

Modern Scandinavian Kitchen Modern Scandinavian Kitchen Island

Modern Scandinavian Kitchen

We incorporated these same elements throughout the rest of the home and into the bathrooms and bedrooms. Clean lines, dark tones with natural materials, and modern decor were the primary focus. These design elements are a good starting point for anyone looking to incorporate modern Scandinavian design into a space.

Modern Scandinavian Bathroom

Modern Scandinavian Bathroom Shower Modern Scandinavian Shower and Tub

As you know by now, we’re all about a little fun around here—we love adding a pop of color and unexpected twist to a design! In each of the children’s bedrooms, we incorporated brighter tones while still focusing on those clean lines we talked about. In the mudroom, we went bold and added our blue multi Modflower Wallpaper. With light natural wood, black details, and a few pops of greenery, this was exactly the modern Scandinavian design we were striving for in this project!

Modern Scandinavian Bedroom

Modern Wallpaper

Modern Scandinavian Office

We hope some of these design tips help you with your next home project. Stay tuned for more tips on home maintenance, prevention, design, and more here at Practical Home. And catch us on HGTV Tuesday evenings at 9 p.m. ET/PT on our new show Renovation 911.

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