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Kitchen Hallway

The Story:

A crack in Nicole and Jeff’s second level toilet caused massive water damage to the home. The crack in the tank made it unable to hold water, so water started to overflow and continued to run all night while the homeowners were sleeping. They woke up to a loud BANG of pots and pans falling off the wall in their main floor kitchen. It turns out there was a defect in the toilet, which is why you have insurance. It can really help you in unexpected situations like this.

Our Top Water Damage Prevention Tips

The Rebuild:

The damage from the flood extended through all three stories of the house. When the water kept running in the toilet, it leaked onto the floor and seeped through the ceiling and drywall in the kitchen. Then the water continued down to the basement, soaking the ceiling, walls and carpet. Once we assessed all the damage, we got busy repairing all three levels of the house, so the homeowners could get back to raising their kids and enjoying their home.

Savvy Solutions:

Kitchen rescue

In the kitchen, we worked hard to save the backsplash, countertops, and cabinets. This isn’t always possible with water damage, but we were thankfully able to keep these beautiful materials. We made the kitchen as good as new by carefully detaching the existing cabinets and countertops, storing them in a safe place while the other kitchen repairs were completed.


Kirsten and Lindsey in Kitchen

Lindsey in Kitchen

Kitchen Counter

Repaired Floors

We had to repair the floors that had been damaged by the flood, and it was an opportunity to elevate them. It took some careful work to remove the prefinished floating hardwood around the cabinets, fireplace and trim. Then we replaced the floor with a pre-finished nail down hardwood, which can be better in humid environments and lessen creeks and other sounds. The upstairs bathroom floor also got a major upgrade: in-floor heating! You need an open circuit on your electrical panel to install these, and the floor is thicker because of the heating cables under the tile.

Bathroom Floor


Repaired Floor

Kitchen Floor

Leveled-up Kitchenette

Added appliances to the kitchenette - dishwasher, microwave oven, fridge and sink…the only thing this kitchenette doesn’t have is a stove top!!!

Kitchen Backsplash

Fresh Takes on Design:

Vertical Backsplash

The basement bar area had a soffit so the ceiling heights were lower. To work with this space, we decided to stack the rectangular tiles vertically to make the eyes go up and feel higher. Then we kept the same modern cabinets to match with the rest of the house.

Kitchen Sink and Backsplash

Owner with Pictures

One-of-a-kind game table

We created a 3-in-1 game table which can be used for so many different types of activities. Plus, as your kids get older there’s space to switch things up, from family board games, to ping pong and air hockey.

Game Table

Unique Accent Wall

We created a geometric wood pattern accent wall in the basement. It creates some visual interest and creates a natural looking mounting spot for the TV.

Accent Wall

Team with Accent Wall


Laundry Room

Lint Trap Laundry Cabinets

The Story:

Lisa’s house faced a laundry room disaster. Her daughter put a “pleather” jacket in the dryer and it almost started a fire inside the dryer and up the venting . The jacket was in shreds and burnt the back of the inside of the dryer.

Laundry Room Tips

The Rebuild:

When the jacket melted in the dryer, it turned into ash and got sucked into all the components of the machine, including the exhaust pipe. If they continued to use the dryer, this could become a fire hazard, as more and more heat and debris would spread through the vents to other parts of the house. Instead of replacing the machine, we were able to carefully remove and repair it in our shop. Then we focused on sprucing up the laundry room to make it more stylish and functional.

Fresh Takes on Design:

Creative Tile Pattern

We chose a hexagon tile that matches the modern look of the entire house. We created an unexpected geometric pattern that breaks up the white walls . Don’t be scared to do a bold tile in a “boring” space like a laundry room. It adds some personality to the room and makes doing chores more pleasant!

Kirsten and Lindsey in the Laundry Room

Easy to Clean Backsplash

We carried the same hexagon tile pattern over to the laundry tub and hair sink backsplash. The tile catches any splashing and is easy to wipe down for simple upkeep. This way the drywall doesn't get wet, and while adding a design element to the space.

New Backsplash

New Backsplash and Sink

Visible Organization

We made this space functional and stylish with organization you can see. From metal bins storage above the dryers, to sliding drawers in the cabinets and glass jars on the counter, it’s clear you can keep a room organized and still make it look good.

Storage and Organization

Laundry Organization Laundry Sink

Wrapping up

We’re so happy we got to help these homeowners with their fixture and appliance disasters, and we’re pleased with how the rebuilds turned out.

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