Outside of Home

Outside of Home

Interior Damage

Inside of Home

Inside of Home

The Story:

During a rainstorm, lighting struck the exterior of Sandra and Trevor's home by the mechanical components. It sparked a fire, which traveled up the side of the house, in the attic, and through the roof. The fire was put out but then reignited, and the fire department came out a 2nd time to fully extinguish it.

Lightning Strike Tips

The Rebuild:

Once the homeowners’ belongings were packed up and removed, we were able to come in and assess the damage. The side of the house where the lightning struck needed to be patched up on each level of the house. There was water damage to the floors and walls from the powerful fire hoses that put out both fires. The roof was also heavily burnt and needed repair. With the full scope of work revealed, we got to work restoring this family’s home.

Savvy Solutions:

Fixing the front window

When we inspected the house, we noticed a window wasn’t flashed on the outside properly and had been leaking for YEARS. We replaced both windows and repaired the wall so no more water could get into the house. This is a good reminder to ensure you have the proper flashing to prevent water damage.

Front Window

Replacing vinyl siding

We were able to find a near exact match to the vinyl siding, so we only had to replace it on one wall. It’s important to leave expansion gaps when installing siding in places like Minnesota, as the product needs to expand and contract with the seasons.

Vinyl Siding

Opening up the space

We opened up the entire back side of the home by demoing the wall between the dining room and kitchen. This made the space feel even bigger and created more room for the whole family to be together.

Opening Up the Space

Kirsten and Lindsey in the Kitchen

Dining Room and Kitchen

Functional master bathroom

The homeowners never used their soaking tub but wanted a larger shower and changing area. So we removed the bathtub and gained some much needed space.


Bathroom Vanity Bathroom Shower

Fresh Takes on Design:

A very special table

We worked with a local artisan to create a custom table and bench, with two extension pieces to increase seating on both ends. The homeowners love building puzzles as a family, so we added a secret puzzle drawer to the table. We hid a custom family puzzle in there to make it an extra special surprise.

Custom Table

Custom Table Drawer

Kirsten and Lindsey with Custom Table Drawer

Updating the fireplace

The old gas fireplace needed an update, so to keep on budget we got creative with the materials. We applied black matte spray paint to the existing bronze metal and painted the fireplace and moldings a deep blue color for a modern pop in the room. Last, we added two wall sconces for mood lighting in the space.

Before of the Fireplace

After of the Fireplace

A fresh powder bath

The powder bath is the bathroom guests use in most homes, and we decided to SPICE IT UP. We added wallpaper (from our K&L line), a new vanity, lighting, mirror and faucet to freshen things up. Talk about a conversation starter!

Wallpaper in Bathroom

Kirsten and Lindsey with Wallpaper in Bathroom

Consistent flooring

We chose to stick with the same flooring throughout the main level for its simplicity, functionality, and cleanability. Plus the light wood helps keep the space bright and airy.




Pipe Shower Ceiling

Bathroom Damage

The Story:

Steph and Ethan were having some issues with a clog in their upstairs bathtub, and they discovered more water damage trying to fix it. The cast iron pipes corroded from the inside out and there was a hole in the bathtub drain. The water from the bathtub caused it to “rain” in the main level bathroom, damaging the ceiling, ,walls and floor.

Functional Bathroom Tips

The Rebuild:

We came over to the house to check out the damage, and found there had been a leak that soaked the downstairs bathroom. A plumber used a hair snake to unclog their upstairs bathtub, but poked a hole in a corroded pipe. The main level bathroom needed to be completely gutted, so this was an opportunity to upgrade the space and make it more functional for this family.

Savvy Solutions:

Deeper Tub

We chose a tub that’s deeper than the homeowners’ old one for ease of bathing and relaxing!

New Bathtub

Shower Door Panel

For a shower door, we went with a clear glass panel with black metal framing. This matches the black accents we added throughout the bathroom, creating a cohesive design. When you have a stationary door, consider moving the shower/tub handle to the center wall so it is easier to access when turning the water on and off.

Lindsey in New Bathroom

Fresh Takes on Design:

Mixing tiles

We were strategic with the tiles, pairing black hexagon tile for the floor with large white subway tiles on walls and shower. The room feels bigger with the “large” white subway tiles, and creates an awesome contrast to the flooring.

Bathroom Tile Mixing Tiles

Kirsten in New Bathroom

Adding some warmth

For the vanity, we added warmth with wood tones combined with a white countertop and black faucet. The look of the vanity gives the room a clean, sleek, modern vibe.

New Bathroom

New Bathroom Vanity

A ceiling surprise

We got playful with wallpaper in this bathroom and placed it somewhere unexpected…the ceiling! The homeowners really wanted to relax in this space and have a spa feel in their own home. What better way to draw your eyes up to the ceiling than adding a beautiful wallpaper to help you relax and unwind.

New Bathroom Ceiling

Wrapping up

We’re delighted to be able to repair these houses to make them more beautiful and functional. Now, the families can return to enjoying their homes and making memories together.

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    Can you give the name of the local artisan that made the dining table?

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    How long was it from lightning strike to completed reno reveal?

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